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Community Awareness

Black Bison strives to help clients become leaders in environmental stewardship.

Minimizing Hydrologic Footprint

We design, buy, build and operate disposal and reuse facilities to minimize your hydrologic footprint. We are capable of exploring and running programs for enhanced oil recovery, hydro-frac reuse, water reuse for cementing, mineral extraction, as well as other processes to reduce and reuse produced water. The overall objective is to quantify and minimize the impact of your company’s water use in a given play Black Bison enhances the safety of its water pipelines for spill-free frac and produced water transfers. Specific tools are used to verify the status of water transfers, the strengths of pipelines and surveys that inspects equipment.

Minimizing Carbon Footprint

We work with you to optimize fluid transfer with the least amount of carbon creation.  Location selection, gathering system construction and our Hub and Spoke design help to minimize truck traffic and power requirements needed for transfer that lead to carbon generation.