Our Customers

E & P Companies

Black Bison understands that if we are to be of service to our customers we need to help them “S.E.E. the Bottom Line” by delivering a triple bottom line of Safety, Environmental Stewardship and Economic Benefit.


Our priority is to have the best safety practices in our facilities. We focus on accident prevention, accident response and process improvement to continuously reduce the impact of the workplace and extend the time between incidents. To learn more about our commitment to safety, visit our Safety & Environmental Health page .

Environmental Stewardship

Black Bison provides processes to help clients become leaders in environmental stewardship. Our team of engineers, chemists and geologists can evaluate the water produced from any play and determine what can be done with the produced water within the spectrum of beneficial use, reuse and ultimately safe disposal. In cases where no other possibility currently exists for economic reuse, Black Bison provides independent third-party verification to explore all possible solutions. The foundation of environmental stewardship is environmental incident minimization. We strive zero incidents but are realistic in knowing that the best way to operate is two-fold: to constantly work not to have an incident and to have a plan to respond quickly and effectively when one does occur. To learn more about our environmental stewardship, visit our Commitment to Safety page .

Economic Benefit

Capital and Human Resources With the current undersupply of quality operators and SWD wells in the Bakken region in North Dakota, oil producers and other non-water disposal companies are forced to drill their own SWD wells instead of focusing all of their resources in fracturing and drilling. Outsourcing wastewater management and water disposal will increase their capital and human resources so that producers can more effectively extract oil. Best Use of Capital In shale plays where infrastructure is not able to support current development, E&P companies become the default source of human and economic resources. This is exemplified in the Bakken and Rocky Mountains in the number of companies that have had to divert capital to support their business with outside services such as water disposal and well completion. This leads to inefficient use of capital by the E&P and governs the returns the company can provide View our full list of solutions.

Trucking Companies

We work with trucking companies to help with fleet coordination, logistics management and partnerships. Specifically, we offer:
  • Augment Services: Black Bison ensures adequate availability for a variety of amounts of contents for a SWD well, offering disposal partners a preferred fixed charge for specified amounts of wastewater fluids.
  • Strategic Partnerships: For trucking companies with excessive amounts of wastewater, Black Bison ensures adequate disposal capacities for trucking or hauling needs. We collaborate with trucking and hauling fleets to ensure the disposal of already specified volumes of produced and frac flowback water, guaranteeing the proper and efficient disposal of E&P; wastewater byproducts.

How to Get Started

Black Bison’s REED facility is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. To help you with all of your on-site needs, a REED facility operator is now on duty at all times.

Prior to accessing our Black Bison locations, you are required to fill out and sign a series of agreements that will protect you and your employees and subcontractors against the negligence of others to the fullest extent possible. For more information about our requirements, please read the following procedures and regulations:

For E&P; Companies

For producers looking to use our disposal sites, please send a message to Justin Haigler, [email protected] for the following reasons:
  • If you are an oil producer who would like to dispose of waste fluids at the Reed facility.
  • If you require a copy of the permit for your records.
  • If you require Black Bison to be under a Master Service Agreement. (Please send the MSA formatted in Microsoft Word for review and we will review the contract.)
Prior to accessing our disposal sites, Black Bison requires that you:
  • Provide a signed water disposal contact that outlines prices and terms of conditions; this can be aligned to your Master Service Agreement.
  • Provide a list of pre-approved truckers who will be delivering water to our locations. They will have to complete our Facility Access Agreement form and obtain a Certificate Of Insurance.

For Trucking Companies

For transport companies looking to use our disposal sites, please send a message to Justin Haigler, [email protected] for the following reasons:
  • If you are a transport company and would like to dispose of fluids at the Reed facility.
  • If you require a copy of the permit for your records.
Prior to accessing our disposal sites, Black Bison requires that you:
  • Review our Hazard Communication that outlines the potential hazards and required safety equipment and procedures. It is required that this information be shared with all drivers visiting the site.
  • Provide a signed Facility Access Agreement. This document outlines the levels of insurance required and expected on-site behavior.
  • Provide a Water Disposal Agreement on behalf of your company to dispose of water for a customer that does not have a direct agreement with Black Bison. We will help identify any of your customers to who this may be applicable.