We understand that the path to reaching a customized solution can be a complex process, so we perform a comprehensive gap analysis where we walk through the entire decision-making process with you. Through our holistic approach, we assess your current situation and future plans, identify stage and gates for asset deployment, and establish contingencies. When relevant, our gap analysis also includes a water chemistry, as well as hydrologic and seismic impact assessment.

Through our gap analysis, we determine possible solutions in how you can deploy capital, which include:

  • Capex2Opex: We purchase existing salt water disposal assets and operate them for your benefit to help optimize your capital expenditure. By outsourcing the operation of disposal assets, you convert capex to opex, returning capital to your organization for better use.
  • Black Bison Operation Agreement: If you want to outsource disposal operation and maintenance, we provide an all-inclusive fee that includes a monthly or per barrel fee for operation and maintenance.
  • B3O2 (Black Bison Build Own Operate): By partnering with us, we can meet your future disposal needs. We build dedicated assets in conjunction with the development of the play to have no further capex on water disposal wells.
  • Hub and Spoke: When practical, we centralize our treatment and disposal operations and use gathering systems to connect to locations that are accessible either without trucks or in a way that limits the impact of trucking. This methodology allows for easier access to temporary or smaller permanent collection, as well as discharge points that are connected to the centralized facility.